AbbVie Signs a Partner and Option to Acquire Agreement with TeneoOne for its TNB-383B

AbbVie Signs a Partner and Option to Acquire Agreement with TeneoOne for its TNB-383B


  • TeneoOne to receive $90M upfront and will take care of P-I trial for TNB-383B with its expected onset in H1’19. AbbVie to get exclusive WW rights to develop and commercialize Teneobio’s TNB-383B, with an option to acquire TeneoOne
  • If AbbVie exercises option to acquire, TeneoOne will receive milestones on sales and regulatory approval of TNB-383B
  • TNB-383B is a bispecific Ab used for targeting B-cell maturation antigen (BCMA) developed using TeneoOne’s anti-CD3 platform, will be evaluated in P-I for multiple myeloma

CI Comments/ Implications:

  • Commencing this partnership between AbbVie and TeneoOne, it will likely help in accelerating the scientific advancements and expedite the development of TNB-383B for multiple myeloma patients
  • This move will also strengthen AbbVie’s oncology portfolio and the development of the candidate will be an access in the penetrating lucrative BCMA-targeting CAR-T segment
  • TNB-383B is similar to Amgen’s AMG420, which is also a bispecific antibody, which recently presented encouraging phase 1 results
  • AbbVie will be in race among the top group of leaders in BCMA-targeting CAR-T like Bluebird Bio, Celgene/Juno and Johnson & Johnson/Legend Biotech
  • Considering these bi-specifics, if they match with the efficacy of CAR-Ts, they will possibly emerge as the new standard of care without having any complicated or expensive manufacturing cell therapy process, and comparatively fewer adverse-effects

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